The beginning of a team

ARTAN Animation is company specialized in the production of animated content. The team is made up of a group of professionals, brought up together by passion and love of traditional 2D animation art. Through time we developed our own path in animation, redimensioning the idea of traditional animation. The search for ARTAN is to emphasize the quality of its productions, without losing focus on the passion for a job well done.

From its beginnings, the production company bases its work on a series of principles that inspire and promote its philosophy, with the intention of promoting it within it's stories. In this aspect, the value for teamwork stands out, where, beyond the specific role of each member, the contribution of each one is valued throughout the entire process, from the genesis of the idea to the final product.

This principle of cooperative work transcends the doors of the studio and expands to the field of animation in general, always looking for ways to contribute to the development of an industry at the local level and expand it further. It is with this same logic that ARTAN Animation proposes the commitment to train young talents, through their active participation in the field of education.

Several of the team members carry out educational tasks in different university areas. In addition, we held at a pedagogical level a series of talks and workshops, where the main objective is always to share knowledge and experiences with future generations.

ARTAN Animation aims to carry out its productions under the proper language of traditional 2D animation, without neglecting technical innovations that allow good development and optimization of tasks. In this sense, the experimental work in new media stands out, always emphasizing the logic of "traditional" as a visual and sensitive aesthetic that transmits emotions through the line. Today we carry out our work with a great mixture of media and techniques, seeking to reach a level where our stories and our art are on the same path.